DAY 57:

In ALL things, Praise the Lord!

Have you ever found yourself comparing your “bad” times to someone else’s, and thought your pain and struggles were greater than theirs? When you get caught up doing this, you are not praising or pleasing God. I have seen many people who compare their hard time with another’s, and in a lot of the cases, the one they compared themselves with, was fixed on praising God no matter what they were facing. You see, people are going through things they never talk to other people about, because they are literally praising God through their storm, affliction, persecution, hurts, and more, and believing in the power and might of God to move for them and for victory to be obtained!!

“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised” (Psalm 113:3)

My friends, you must understand the power your praise contains. David went through many trials, some self-induced, but none the less, he never stopped returning to God and praising Him! He knew that his repentance and his praise was pleasing to God and caused him to be victorious in the end!! Some of you have “religiously” written yourselves off, when all you have to do is return to God, repent, and give Him ALL the praise in ALL things. The devil uses your failures and weaknesses to make you feel defeated and down-trodden, but God responds to your praises!! He works things in your favor when you praise Him.. Walls fall, sickness flees, wars are won, demons are routed, and you are completed.. Therefore, it is appropriate to say, “Get your praise on” no matter what! Make every day a genuine “PRAISE DAY” and start seeing impossible situations and circumstances change, and when you do.. Give God Praise AGAIN..!!  ~David E. Taylor~

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