DAY 108:

“Are the loyalties of your heart divided? Do you want to be loyal to God, but find yourself yielding to the ways and pleasures of the world?

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways,”(James 1:8).

Strong’s defines “double minded” as: two spirited that is vacillating (in opinion or purpose).

Thayer’s defines “double minded” as:
a. wavering, uncertain, doubting
b. divided in interest

God is about hearts and relationships. He doesn’t just want all of your heart, He wants all of your mind.. He desires that you are singleness of mind. If you live a life going between God and man, you will end up reasoning, compromising, settling, and undoubtedly become double minded. When this happens, you are restless and inconsistent in your mind and in your heart about what matters most.

It is important for you to stay around people that are stable and not only know the mind of Christ, but have it!! You can’t grow stronger and get sturdier in the things of God, where you become unshakable, if you keep dabbling in things that contradict Him, His Word, and His ways!! Just like you choose salvation each day, you must choose God’s mind and ways each day too.

Double mindedness cripples and destroys your ability to STAND firm on the course God has for you, and makes you unstable in everything you say and do..!! That is not God’s plan for you my friend.. He wants you to be unmovable and unshakable and the way you do that is through the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.. which is Jesus Christ..!!” David E. Taylor

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