MP3 – The Secret Mysteries to the Ancient Power of God Protons Vol 1

From the beginning of time, you were created with unspeakable power and ability and now David E. Taylor shares the eternal secrets that have been lost for thousands of years, your body was made by God, therefore, anything made by God has power in it. His DNA (divine nature activated) is also embedded in you.


The activation begins when Jehovah grooms us for the royal seat Sonship. In this unparalleled message, David E. Taylor expounds on the supernatural abilities in all humans whether saved or not, by instituting faith in our life, we find limitless access to the unseen world and that all things in this world are influenced by protons.


Every Christian is called to Sonship, not just Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelist, and Teachers. It is our heavenly inheritance today and bring back the new marvels that will metamorphosis your life and the world forever!!

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