Prophecy to America: Preserving the Destiny of the Nation – E-Book

When David E. Taylor was 18 years old, the Lord appeared to him, giving him a series of dreams regarding America’s future. God revealed to him that because of America’s pride and rebellion He would allow judgment to come to the nation through a war. But the Lord always gives a solution! In this powerful book, you will learn that:

  • An attack is coming against our country because America has forsaken its first love
  • Russia was behind the 9/11 attacks and is planning a future attack
  • America’s pride will be her downfall if she does not repent
  • God will give us time to repent, but we must heed His warnings
  • Face to Face is the solution!

God has equipped us with the solution we need to stop a future war on America, but the country must humble itself. God wants to save this nation, but America must wake up!

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