CD – Dominion and Mastery Over the 5 Elements

have you ever wondered why we don’t see the manifestation of what Moses, Elijah, and the Men of Old walked in, Today? Where are the Sons of God, who should not only be Casting out evils, and Healing the Sick, But Splitting Seas and Commanding Dried up, Bleached Bones to Live?

In this powerful, eye-opening message, David E. Taylor shares an ancient mystery and Revelation that has been Lost for centuries that will lead us back into the Power and Dominion that God intended for us to walk in since the time of Adam, working with, and having Dominion over the creation, for God’s Glory and for the Advancement of His Kingdom.

This message will leave you changed, empowered, and equipped to be an expression of the Father’s manifested Glory in these End-Time Days! You were born for this!!

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