Book – Interpreting Emotions & Feelings You See in Your Dreams

In biblical history, the word “dream” is used to relay the experience and actual manifestation of God showing a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions which pass through the mind during deep sleep in order to communicate with man. Dreams are not just about seeing images and hearing words, emotions are also a huge part to interpreting, understanding, and obeying the message God is giving to you in a dream. That's why emotions are important during dreams. You have got to learn how to interpret emotions because God also uses your emotions in dreams. He uses your emotions in dreams as a prophetic gesture to show you the condition of where you are in your communication with Him in that dream. He uses your emotions to show you if the situation that He is speaking about in the dream that He wants to see changed and addressed is being turned around, and if you're doing everything you should do so it can change. If you feel that emotion or sense of urgency in you, and it doesn’t leave, there is something going on that you need to do or be aware of regarding that dream. It's like a healing ministry. Some people have the healing ministry where they feel people's pain. God works through their emotions in their healing ministry. The Bible says there are gifts with an “s” in the ministry of healing.

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