“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” -Matthew 24:14

Dubai – Jesus is appearing to millions of people in the Middle East! The Lord sent David E. Taylor to Dubai to start the Face to Face revolution. As a sign, he prophesied to the people that it would begin to rain in the region and that the move had now begun! A downpour like the nation had never seen happened just like he prophesied. Face to Face Appearances from Jesus has now been translated into Arabic, resulting in Jesus appearing to the people throughout the whole region! Jesus is appearing to Muslims all over the region, declaring Himself to be the Savior and the Son of God, through the life and Face to Face ministry of David E. Taylor!

Pictures of David E. Taylor Releasing a Massive Move of Face to Face in Dubai, UAE

Other Places Where David E. Taylor Travels

The Bahamas  – Miracles abound as Apostle ministers in the Bahamas!  St. Croix, The Virgin Islands – Face to Face Appearances from Jesus comes to the Virgin Islands!  Budapest, Hungary – Apostle has a base in Budapest. One year, a plague of sickness was hitting a region where one of his son’s in the gospel was ministering. The Lord told David E. Taylor to pray over a handkerchief and send it to him. As the handkerchief was passed around, people were healed of their disease and a revival broke out!

Paris, France – Face to Face  breaks out in France as Jesus  works with David E. Taylor  openly and notably!  Rome, Italy  – The Kingdom of God has come to Rome!   Germany – Face to Face in Germany is now moving like wildfire across the land! Mexico – Face to Face appearances from Jesus are taking place throughout all of Mexico!  El Salvador, Central America – All of Central America is  experiencing the revolution of face to face! Jesus is coming to bring in the harvest!

Pictures of David E. Taylor Ministering in Different Regions as Miracles Breakout in the Services



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