A vulture is a large, scavenging bird of prey. Vultures are known for consuming carcasses of dead animals and are known for circling around dead animals. Vultures are therefore associated with death.



Positive:  Dreaming of a vulture sitting and watching you, it could mean that you should be aware of people around you who are waiting for you to make a mistake. If you see a vulture eating its prey, it could indicate that you will soon overcome an obstacle that was in your way. Dreaming of a vulture could represent that God is warning you before time to avoid the attack of the enemy.



Negative: In a dream, a vulture could represent that one is unable to reconcile misunderstandings with a friend. It could also represent a spiritual or physical death. Dreaming of vultures circling you could represent that you are on the wrong path and need to repent and turn back to God.



(Matthew 24:28; Leviticus 11:14; Job 28:7; Isaiah 34:15; Leviticus 11:18; Deuteronomy 14:17).

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Categories: Animals
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