A talent is terminology used in Roman currency which was worth a great or significant amount of money. Silver and gold differ in weight and value. Spiritually and in dreams, Jesus speaks in parables just like in the Bible where talents are synonymous to money, abilities, and being entrusted.


Positive: Dreaming of silver and gold in a dream may represent with God giving you money in order to be successful with events and endeavors. Talents given to you in a dream could symbolize that you have been entrusted with money and to use your abilities and skills because it takes money to materialize ideas to multiply God’s Kingdom. It could represent faithfulness.


Negative:  Dreaming of silver or gold hidden under your mattress, stashed away, or put away secretly could denote fear and no zeal. Seeing a talent taken from you and given to another may represent untrustworthiness and unfruitfulness.


(Matthew 25:16-17,21; Matthew 25:18,26).

Categories: Currency
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