A penny is a United States of America unit of currency. It is the lowest value unit in American currency and equals one one-hundredth of a United States dollar bill. A penny is made of copper-plated zinc and is circular in form. To dream of a penny may represent a beginning, foundation, or a lack or need in someone’s life.


Positive: Dreaming of a penny could represent a foundation, humility, small beginnings, and faithfulness in small things. Dreaming of saving pennies in a jar could represent preservation. A penny could symbolize having the faith of a mustard seed or could represent giving your last to the Lord and receiving blessings in return.


Negative: To dream of pennies could represent a poverty mindset. Dreaming of pennies on the ground and walking past them could represent arrogance, high-mindedness, or being a poor steward.


(Philippians 4:19; Zechariah 4:10; Luke 16:10).


Categories: Currency
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