Hands are the ends of an arm beyond the wrist consisting of a person’s palms, fingers, and thumb. In the Bible, hands are described as man’s works or deeds.


Positive: Seeing hands in a dream can represent works, deeds, worship, and surrendering to the Lord. Hands could also symbolize a covenant or agreement being made and the favor to prosper in the work one is diligent in.


Negative:  Dreaming of hands could represent having idolatry in one’s heart. Hands covering one’s face may represent guilt, shame, or hidden grief. Trembling hands may symbolize a spiritual weakness or fear. Clenched fists in a dream may represent anger and fighting toward God or man. Outstretched hands may symbolize helplessness and the need to surrender to God.


(Psalm 128:2; 1 Timothy 2:8; Proverbs 22:26; Psalm 28:4; Psalm 115:4; Jeremiah 2:37).

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