The ears are organs capable of detecting vibratory motion. On humans, ears are found on either side of the head. In the Bible, ears symbolize one’s ability to hear the truth of the Lord. Spiritual ears can mean to have an understanding of things pertaining to the Godhead.


Positive: Seeing ears in a dream can represent the ability to hear the truth of the Lord and the desire to be in tune with God’s voice. To dream of ears being cleaned can represent receiving heavenly advice and insight and victory over pride. To dream of hearing the voice of the Lord may mean that God is giving you divine wisdom and direction and He is hearing your prayers.


Negative:  In a dream, ears can also represent ignoring the voice of God, doing your own thing, rebellion, and the need to be careful what you hear. Blocked or covered ears may represent that you are too dependent on your own judgment or have a hard time understanding truth. Abnormally shaped ears may reveal deception and lies. Red ears may symbolize condemnation because of one’s past or judgment. Whispering in ears may represent insecurity and assumption.


(Ezekiel 3:27; Luke 9:44; Job 33:16; Acts 7:51; Psalm 34:15; Deuteronomy 29:4; Exodus 17:14; Deuteronomy 31:28).


Categories: Body Parts
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