An aphid is a bug that rapidly reproduces without mating. They feed by sucking sap from plants and are known for causing damage to crops.


Positive: Dreaming of aphids could represent being fruitful and multiplying for the Will of God. It could represent a harvest of souls gained by evangelism. Dreaming of aphids feeding on sap could represent being filled with the Word of God.


Negative: In a dream, aphids destroying a crop could represent a plague or a trial is coming against you in the near future. It could be a warning to take preventative measures. Dreaming of aphids trying to eat but not having any food could represent a spiritual drought in one’s life and the need to consume the Word of God.


(Genesis 1:28; Acts 12:24; Deuteronomy 8:18; Ezekiel 22:13).

Categories: Animals, Insects
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