An alpaca is a domesticated mammal similar to a llama. They are gentle animals that live in herds. They have a meek personality and can represent the Godhead in dreams by their traits.


Positive: Dreaming of an alpaca could represent a person having the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their life. Being surrounded by alpacas could by symbolic of being surrounded by people of God. Dreams of alpacas can be symbolic of unity.


Negative: Dreaming of an alpaca that is by itself instead of in a herd could represent a loss of unity or strive and division. An alpaca that dies in a dream may be symbolic of a loss of fruit in one’s life or a lack of connection with the Holy Spirit.


(Galatians 5:22; Titus 3:1; Matthew 11:29; 2 Timothy 1:7; Ephesians 4:3; John 15:5-6).


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Categories: Animals
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