See Leviathan, Crocodile, and Dinosaur. An alligator is a thick-skinned, aquatic carnivore with a broad head and a rounded snout.

Positive: Dreaming of an alligator can represent strength and power.

Negative: Seeing an alligator in your dream can symbolize being bending, crooked, meandering, snake, monster, devious, distorted, ancient, demon, large, evil creature that cannot be tamed with the natural strength of man, principality, evil spirit, ancient demonic control that only the Lord has power over, or a dragon.

(Isaiah 27:1; Isaiah 51:9; Job 7:12; Job 26:12-13; Job 41:1-10; Psalm 74:14; Psalm 104:26; Revelation 6:7; Revelation 9:19; Revelation 13:1-18).

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Categories: Animals
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