An acrobat ant is a type of ant that gets its name from raising their abdomen over their thorax and head when they get disturbed. Ants can represent minor, daily annoyances when they are few in numbers.



Positive: Dreaming of an ant could represent hard work, persistence, diligence, and productivity. An acrobat ant could represent a person with a good work ethic who goes above and beyond for the job they are doing. Seeing a working ant could represent how you approach various projects in the workplace or in ministry.



Negative:  In a dream, an acrobat ant could represent your own feelings of being small and insignificant. An acrobat ant could signify that person who is feeling insecure might act out or perform questionable behaviors because of their craving for attention.



(Galatians 5:17; Galatians 5:22).

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Categories: Insects
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