Your Dreams Are Important Messages from God! Part 1

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was forewarned in a dream about his death and just 3 days later he was assassinated?? Because he ignored this dream, it cost him his life. Do you know that Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb through a dream he had in his sleep and was successful because he paid attention to his dream. Did you know that in 2009, former Middleweight Champion Vernon Forrest was also forewarned in a dream about getting robbed, gunned down, and killed. He even shared his dream openly before the world on twitter. Unfortunately, because he didn’t understand it fully, he ignored the dream and just 7 days later he was murdered in the same fashion the dream showed. Why do we as human beings keep making the same mistakes by not listening to our dreams and why when others do listen, they are successful? David E. Taylor has successfully answered these questions and expressed the importance of paying attention to your dreams. In doing so, it can lead to the success of your business, marriage, finances, destiny, and even your life.

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