DAY 97:

“God is love, and by far, He is the greatest and most powerful being of all, and still His heart is to eternally preserve and save to the uttermost!

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

As we continue to observe Passover and the Resurrection, I can’t relay to you enough that it was Jehovah’s LOVE that sent Jesus into the world to save it, and it was that same unfailing love that sent Him to the Cross! That being said, if God put His law above His love, Jesus would not have shed His Blood to redeem us!! That in itself should fill you with great hope, faith, expectation, and cause you to celebrate!!

Never side with those that desire judgment above mercy! If you do, you are opposing God and His vision for the world. He is a multiplier and when He divides or purges, there is increase. When religion and religious leaders divide, there is always decrease and isolation. The way religion handles sin, whether inside or outside the 21st century church, has not mirrored the love or heart of God! They make judgments and pronounce sentences on people for not keeping the same laws that they themselves can’t keep!!

If your desire is to expose sin, you are not like the Father God who is LOVE and covers a multitude of sins, including yours!! I pray that the veils and blinders be ripped from the eyes and ears of hearts everywhere and not only will you be part of helping to see people set free, but you too will become free indeed for real!!” David E. Taylor

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