DAY 53:

“I know that today many may be feeling full of excitement, while others may be feeling lonely and neglected.. In the Kingdom of God we do not give place to our feelings, because they are driven by flesh and emotions, and keep us up, down, over, and all too often, out of control.. We must choose to be driven by the perfect Love of God that casts out all fear and anchors us in His unfailing and abounding hope and faith and the fruit of the Spirit!!

“Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings..” (Psalm 17:8).

I believe that today is a perfect day to remind you that you are the apple of God’s eye!! You mean more to Him than you can even imagine. Do you know that? Friends, the devil is a thief ALL of the time!! He wants you to believe that God has forgotten you and abandoned you, but the truth is, at all times, God is saving you! He’s protecting you! He’s perfecting you and making you beautiful in His time! Even through the process, mistakes, falls, and failures, the beauty of God’s tender mercies and loving kindness still causes Him to see you as the apple of His eye! Stay on the potter’s wheel, hide under His wings, and let LOVE Himself perfect and finish what He started in you!! Don’t give up on the One True LOVE that will NEVER ever fail you..!! Happy Valentine’s Day..!!” ~David E. Taylor~

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