DAY 52:

“Do you find yourself looking back on what was? What you had? How successful you were? Who your friends were?

I am not referring to fond memories and moments in life of joy and appreciation, I’m talking about the moments that you are obsessed with and wish you had back.. the ones that make you think you were better before than you are presently or will be in the future. You must know that no matter how good things “seemed” before, with God, things always get better! They increase, multiply, and return ten times greater!!

“The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Ye [are] blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth” (Psalm 115:14-15).

Do not get caught up in remembering what was that you miss hearing the voice of the Lord saying what is and what is to come for you and your destiny! You may have started small and insignificant, but your end shall increase and be greater.. In order to EXPECT greater, you must remove the limitation of what was, from your loving, thinking, trusting, and believing..!! If you need prayer for a reset in your heart, mind, and thoughts, call 1-877-843-4567 today!” ~David E. Taylor~

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