DAY 135:

“There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand,” (Proverbs 19:21).

In over thirty years of ministry, I have come across many people that tell me about the plans they made for their life, future, and destiny… While their plans seemed godly and appropriate, as they matured in their relationship with the Lord, they realized the most important piece to their plans was missing… and as you can imagine, it was God Himself!! They made their own course, but it was contradicting the predestined plans, purposes, and promises that God had for them. Therefore, they were experiencing more and more blockages and stoppages.

I loved Dad Hagin and I remember when he shared his testimony of when he was telling Jesus how he was pastoring for all these years, and Jesus stopped him and said, “You were not called to pastor, you’re a prophet!” You see, if you don’t let God in on every plan, you will assume things and you won’t know where you left Him out. He is so gracious and meek, not manipulating or controlling. He will let you do some things, but eventually, you will come back to the counsel of the Lord and realize where you missed His voice and direction. If you listen when He comes around again, you can get back on His path for your promises, or you will remain settling for much less than you were created to receive!!

No matter how successful a man or woman appears to be, if he or she is not submitted to the plans and purposes of God, they are not walking in the fulness of their creation or identity in Christ!! Remember who your source is and plug into Him and His ways today and everyday..!” David E. Taylor

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