Countdown To Christmas!

“Jesus is going to ask you in Heaven, Did you feed me when I was hungry … You will ask when did I ever see you hungry?? He will reply, “When you’ve done this unto the lest of them you’ve done it unto me..”

Merry Christmas! We have so many reasons to give God thanks every day. When you allow the spirit of depression and/or lack of appreciation to operate in your life toward God, you get out of His will. However, 1 Thessalonians says that when you keep an attitude of thanksgiving, appreciation, and honor towards God, it keeps you in His will! Be thankful and stay in the will of God today, my friends!

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”   ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

To show your heart of thanksgiving for what God has done for you, I urge you to give hope and expectation to families who need encouraged and helped during the Christmas seasons! Many of you reading this probably have plans to be with your families, friends, and loved ones during this time, and are looking forward to creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here is an opportunity for you to also give the same opportunity to those less fortunate than yourself to be able to experience the blessings that will allow them to also create memories and give them hope for a brighter future. Below you will find opportunities on how you can help a family in need.

I appreciate your heart to join mine and help the hurting in this season!

Your friend,

~David E. TaylorMany of you have only seen his miracle ministry, but David E. Taylor has been helping clothe and feed the homeless and those in need since his early days of ministry. He has not publicly shown the help he has given throughout his ministry, but over the past 30 years, David E. Taylor has helped the homeless in America and around the world by sending money to Africa to build water wells, feeding the hungry, and building orphanages. Additionally, every year during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, he helps hurting families by giving Thanksgiving meals and Christmas toys for the children. Witnessing their expressions is priceless! This is just another way that David E. Taylor shares his love and compassion for humanity.  He cares for people both physically and spiritually, not just before the masses but behind the scenes as well.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and we have a limited time to purchase Food and Toys for Christmas. Black Friday is November 29th, which is the day we can buy the most toys for the children for the best prices! Let’s give these precious kids the best we can! But Don’t worry if you need more time, you still have a few weeks to get your gift in! The beauty in giving is that it’s not only obedience to God, but He promises to give back.

All we ask is that you give to these families a starting gift of at least a $100. We waste this amount on things every year – even every month! Jesus said in His Word that there will come a day when he will ask, “Did you feed me when I was hungry? Did you clothe me when I was naked?” (Matthew 25:31-46). Now you have been given an opportunity to fulfill obedience and to be able to answer, “Yes I did!” before Jesus on that day because what you do unto the least of these you have done unto Him!

$100 – Helps Bless 1 Family for Christmas

$200 – Helps Bless 2 Families for Christmas

$300 – Helps Bless 3 Families for Christmas

$400 – Helps Bless 4 Families for Christmas

$500 – Helps Bless 5 Families for Christmas

$1,000 – Helps Bless 10 Families for Christmas

We must not delay! We need to get this purchased today for the hurting families and children who are counting on us! I’m confident that you will join me in spreading the love of God, by being doers and expressing His compassion that brings about change in the hearts of hurting people!! Thank you in advance for quickly answering this call to act NOW!! God bless you all!

Give your $100 or more dollars today to help a needy family! As a token of our appreciation and to say thank you for your love gift, we want to send you a beautiful face to face keychain!!


1) Give by text! Text the amount to +1 (636) 317-5688

2) By mail – Send Your Check to JMMI 20320 Superior Rd. Taylor, MI 48180

3) By credit card over the phone – Call 1.877.843.4567 Someone is standing by to answer your call now!

4) Click Below To Give Online – Vanco

We have less than 7 days for you to get in your donation of at least $100 for One Family!

In order to reach these hurting families and children you must get your seed in now!

To give your gift to those in need:

Call 1-877-THE-GLORY (1-877-843-4567)

Text the amount to +1 (636) 317-5688

You can also send your gift to: JMMI 20320 Superior Rd. Taylor, MI 48180

*funds will be used for JMMI projects

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