The Father God Appears Openly In Front of Millions
in New South Wales , Australia!

Another major visitation from the Father has just taken place! It is MOST PHENOMENAL! God and His Son Jesus are openly and notably working on earth, FACE TO FACE, with David E. Taylor to bring in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever known! In November 2021, the Father gloriously and unmistakably appeared in Australia! Everywhere the Lord sends His face to face messenger and friend, He makes a notable appearance in that region validating that He is on earth working with him face to face!

The Face of God in the Clouds over Australia

In April 2019, when David E. Taylor visited the nation of Australia, he prophesied that the Father would come down and make a notable face to face appearance that would be captured on the news and bring the greatest move of salvation to Australia! The Father’s appearance happened just like David E. Taylor prophesied, proving again that God is openly working with His friend Face to Face!
A major news station in Australia called “Nine News” reported the breaking news appearance from the Father! Nine News has broadcasted news since 1956, and its reporters have been honored in Australian journalism with the “Gold Wadley” award, which is their highest journalism award in the nation. This is their report of what took place:

“Australian woman ‘shocked’ to see man’s face in the clouds! When Shaquira Hobbs looked up to the sky on Sunday night, she couldn’t believe her eyes. In a serendipitous moment for the photographer, she saw a detailed formation of a man’s face in the clouds from her backyard in the New South Wales suburb of Booragul, in Lake Macquarie. “I actually called my partner and said ‘I’m not tripping or anything?’,” Ms Hobbs told 9News. “I was shocked, it had eyelids and everything.” Her partner Brandon McEwan reassured her he could see the same thing. “He said it was incredible, he couldn’t believe it,” Ms Hobbs said. Ms Hobbs’ mother was also impressed by the sight when her daughter sent her the photo. “Mum was shocked and she said ‘you need to send it to every news channel’,” she said. “Mum is still talking about it.”

All nations shall see God’s glory Face to Face! This is the last and greatest move of God to bring in the 7 billion soul harvest from around the world! Connect and be a part of God’s Face to Face Move and Nation Today! Call in 1-877-The-Glory (877-843-4567)

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