Ricky H. :

On Jan,22,2013 I was finishing up in prayer in my room, and I was on my hands and knees. I closed my eyes and it was dark. So all of a sudden I saw a white small circle be placed in the darkness, but I was totally shocked because I’m thinking since my eyes were closed, it was supposed to be dark. This small white circle looked like it was placed there as a window or passage way for me. I looked through the circle, and I could see dimly at first, then I looked through the small circle again, and I was able to see more clearly. It was like the circle opened up to me from this other world. While all this is going on, I am amazed because I’m not making any of this happen. I felt none of myself involved in making anything that was going on, to happen. Without this window, everything would just be dark. So I looked through the circle some more, and saw a Man whose face was pure, illuminating, white light, with a white robe, and a red shawl wrapped around his waist, and going down his left side. This was the firmest and stern man I have ever seen, his seriousness was shocking, but he was very peaceful. I could not call him Jesus at first, because he was nothing like how I pictured Jesus to be already in my own heart. I noticed I had no connection with this man. I tried to look for something to connect to in him with, he allowed me to see my motives of what I was really looking for, and I noticed that I was looking for pity and weakness. I was trying to draw attention from him by force, through a pity pull. He allowed me to see that pity and weakness is what I accepted to be love. I had no trust in him, because I had no connection with him through pity and weakness, and what I was doing was trying to manipulate him to give me the attention I wanted by force, by making a pity pull,(I call a pity pull, making myself be in a sad countenance to draw comforting attention to make me feel accepted which I learned about myself through this visitation and that it is manipulation) He allowed me to see his motives after he showed me mine. The motives were, that he first, was about his father’s business, then he only wanted to prosper me, and for me to be the greatest that I could be. It was mind blowing, because I actually was seeing the motives, not only hearing them. I felt no condemnation or anything sad. So I looked through this small circle at the man from top and then to bottom. Then I looked at his face, and decided to look within him to make sure there was no darkness behind him, even though he already showed me his motives, I had no trust in him at that time. So I looked within him through his face, which was pure light, and I didn’t see any darkness. I looked a little further through his face and still didn’t see any darkness. I looked deep as I could within him, through his face, which was pure light, a third time, and a very powerful bright light, came from his face, through the small circle, into my whole being, from my head to the very tip of my toe. There was no longer darkness around me anymore, but light began to be we’re there was darkness. I believe that Jesus appeared to me to remove What I thought was him, so he could replace it with a clean slate to learn threw relationship who he really is. Through this visitation, I also learned that Jesus is one person, and I have to take the time to learn him as he is, and as he reveals himself to me, to be, and not to control who I think he should be. Threw a relationship with him ,I’m learning how free I really am in him.


Kea J. :

It was Christmas Eve of 2011, and I was on my way to the Christian Family Store when I heard a voice say, “I’m coming for you.” The voice was unmistakable—I clearly heard it over my loud radio, yet it was so gentle.

At the store, Chris Tomlin’s How Great Is Our God (World Version) was playing over the speakers. “Do you know what language this is,” I asked a woman. “Portuguese, I think,” she replied. We carried on with our shopping. Later she came up to me and said, “That’s not what your looking for,” pointing to the books in my hand. She then told me about a man named David E. Taylor! She told me if I read his book Face to Face Appearances from Jesus, or went to one of his conferences Jesus Christ Himself would appear to me. I began weeping remembering a man wearing a white robe with a face as bright at the sun appearing to me in my dream when I was seventeen.

In my dream, Apostle Taylor was walking in the store. I ran after him. Once I finally caught up to him, Jesus appeared. He looked at me and I knew He was ready to leave. Jesus is so beautiful. We were leaving and I stood between Jesus and Apostle and Jesus told me, “I obey God in everything I do.” Then I woke up! – Though this dream was short, the Lord revealed significant details about my life.

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