Karli K. :

After meeting Apostle David E. Taylor and reading his book Face to Face appearances with Jesus I had a visitation. In the dream me, and two friends were in a room that almost looked like an apartment. Marcy was getting me ready for some event. She did my hair, jewelry, and fixed my outfit. Jammal said that somebody was at the door. I said yeah, I saw a figure at the door! He told me it was Jesus. I looked back and saw his face. He was wearing a brown suit. (I knew it had to be him even though he was wearing a casual suit) a few moments later I looked towards the door. He started to leave. Then the closet door opened and he came out again wearing a white robe.


Prior to meeting Apostle Taylor, I had a visitation where Jesus came to me. In the dream he was walking through a field of flowers, his arms were stretched out and you could see the love in his eyes.

The Lord has used Apostle Taylor to heal me of bronchitis, and asthma



Ashley I. :

I had read the book Face To Face Encounters With Jesus. I had a visitation with Jesus. Jesus appeared to me in the sanctuary of JMMI. When Jesus appeared I had seen his hair. It was parted down on either side of his face. and he had on a white robe. I didn’t see his face. Apostle David E. Taylor had mentioned to us about a song Jesus had sung to him, in one of the meetings.  That same night Jesus sung to me for the first time in my walk with Him.





Stanley K. :

My visitation from the Lord was magnanimous. This visitation again happened in my sleep. I was with a group of people including a Caucasian kid sitting by me. We were all outside sitting on grass. The setting seemed like we were outside in the public, but in a hidden place as well. I saw the Lord Jesus again in His white robe. I saw His whole body. The Lord was teaching us in power and demonstration. Every time he was say a thing, He was demonstrate He never spoke without demonstration. While teaching, He stretched forth His hands as long as He was teaching to demonstrate what He was teaching. Every time he stretched forth his hands, something will come out of his hands. His demonstration was of the supernatural. He changed from stretching forth His hands to blowing fire out from His mouth. I was astonished, and at the same time was wondering to myself why the Lord would do such things like this in public. I was wondering why He will demonstrate power like that in the open. He will open up His mouth a portion of fire came out, then a chunk of fire, it will increase, and decrease as well. While he was blowing out fire from His mouth, the Caucasian fellow by me got slain, and fell on his back.



Aneta G. :

In around November of 2013 I had another dream, this time it was after Apostle went to North Carolina and gave the Word from Jehovah, about coming down in the cloud in that region.  In my dream, scene started with me hearing chaos and commotion as I was running toward what the noise was coming from.  As I was running, people were running away and they seemed kind of afraid.  As I kept running, I kept looking in the clouds looking for face.  I remember “knowing” the noise I was hearing was Jehovah.  I kept hearing thunder, and whistling sound, and it was just very loud.  Another thing I do remember very clearly, is me thinking in the dream “where are these people running from? It’s God, It’s The Father, and Its Jehovah! He is here! This is really Him; The Father is here!”  I just remember me running so fast and looking up in the sky looking for His face.  Then the scene changed.

In the next scene, I came to this place that looked like a room.  It was filled with brightness brighter than the sun, but it really didn’t hurt my eyes.  It was filled with white cloud that looked like a thick fog, but I didn’t get lost in it.  In this scene, it seemed like I stopped and got the place I was running towards.  I saw people there standing still as they were looking up in the sky.  Some of them were on their faces, some of them were worshiping.   I walked in this “room” and I kept hearing thunder and whistling voice but there was another voice also that I heard.  What I heard was like a conversation.  In the dream, I knew it was Apostle.  I didn’t see him, but I knew Jehovah was talking with him.  When I woke up from the dream I woke up with this scripture in my Spirit

“Then came there a voice from heaven,” and another one that said “The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered” John 12:28-29

Tony B. :

I truly wanted a relationship with the Lord, but my heart was guarded and I fell to a lot of deception. I read in Psalms where David prayed Lord don’t hide your face from me. In a place where heavenly experiences were widely accepted, I started praying Lord, show me your face. Not too much longer I acquired the teaching that you can’t see God and live, so I started praying Lord hide your face from me! How deceived I was. The ultimate intimacy possible, and I allowed myself to be deceived into thinking it was not.

After reopening the idea to my life that Jesus wanted to appear to me; apostle Taylor prophesied that Jesus would be coming to me soon, and He did! Just shortly after, on Passover of 2013, I was working at the church, I fell asleep, and started to dream. In the dream I warned a girl to not drive to a body of water, but then I did, and crashed and started sinking. As I was sinking I thought I was going to die and go to hell so I was repenting, and praying for God to save me. Next I was caught up in a mist, and appeared before The Lord. I don’t recall his face, but I do remember His hand, a large hand. In the dream He started to judge me. He said, “when I say something you must?” I replied with, “obey,” then started to defend myself because I knew I haven’t been obedient in everything. He started to calm me down, and told me I fulfilled his promise; He then revealed part of my destiny to me. I thought He was then going to release me into Heaven, but He sent me back to the Earth, to Apostle Taylor’s North Eastern headquarters (the building I was sleeping in) then I woke up! This was so special to me. I had been praying for the Lord to judge me, but also suffering from great condemnation, I asked Him to reveal his love to me. Jesus Christ, our risen Lord and savior appeared to me! This is something no one can convince me otherwise of. No one can tell me he’s not real, no one can tell me he doesn’t want to appear to us; He revealed things to me, only He could know! I had an experience in the past where the Lord appeared to me in a dream, but I shook it off because I was deceived into thinking it was impossible, but God is appearing to people face to face all across the world. Since this experience Apostle Taylor again prophesied Jesus would be coming to me soon, and He did again!

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