5 Unblemished Red Heifers Have Arrived in Israel for the First Time in 2,000 Years!

God continually releases signs concerning the times we are living in! Signs of the end times are right before our eyes. Jesus prophesied Himself about the days to come, saying,

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows … And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come,” (Matthew 24:6-8,14).

A Third Temple in Israel Will Be Built

The scriptures speak of a great end time harvest before the second coming of Christ, known as the Latter Rain, that will be poured out for the harvest at the end of the age! Before the second coming of Christ. The Bible speaks of the antichrist, the son of sin and perdition, exalting himself in the temple as “God” where daily sacrifices are offered (Daniel 11:31, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, Matthew 24;15). Because of these scriptures, biblical scholars have always prophesied that a third temple will be built in Israel. Israel became a nation in 1948, and since then, the nation has had it in their heart to rebuild the temple. According to the Jews, one of the conditions needed to build the third temple and to purify it for sacrifice, is a pure red heifer (Numbers 19:2). The red heifers came from Texas through a rancher by the name of Byron Stinson. He said, “I didn’t set out to do this, but right now, I am probably the best red heifer hunter in Texas.” Stinson told Israel365 news. “The prophecies came true, and the Jews are back in Israel.” added Stinson. “Now they need to build a Temple. But it’s like buying a really nice car. If you don’t have the key, you aren’t going anywhere. The red heifer is the key to making the Temple work like it’s supposed to.” The Rabbis went to Texas and approved the heifers to be flown to Israel. The red heifers just arrived safely in Israel and are being quarantined and prepared for Temple use. The red heifer is first mentioned in the Book of Numbers and its ashes mixed in sanctified water to purify the priest and temple for sacrifice.

On August 28, 2022, a red heifer was born in Israel. This is the first confirmed red heifer that meets the strict qualifications in almost 2,000 years. In fact, Chanan Kupietzky, an Orthodox Jewish resident of Efrat, pointed out the significance of Hebraic numerology even prophesying of this time. “Chanan pointed out that last year was 5781 on the Hebrew calendar. “In Hebrew numerology, this is תשפא. That is an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה אדומה (it will be the year of the red heifer). The cows we are looking at now were conceived last year,” Kupietzy said. “This year is תשפ,ב 5782, an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה בישראל (It will be a year for the heifer in Israel). In two weeks, we will begin תשפג, 5783, the year in which the ceremony of the Red Heifer will be performed. This is an acronym for תהיה שנה פרה גאולה (It will be a year of the Red Heifer of redemption).”

The Changing of the Guard

It is amazing how even this sign of the red heifer bears witness to what Jesus told Apostle David E. Taylor on February 16, 2022. In answer to Apostle Taylor’s longest shut away and diligent seek in history, almost 2 and a half years, Jesus has been appearing face to face to answer his prayers! Recently, as many of you know, Jesus appeared face to face and gave a message to Apostle concerning the shift that was about to happen! Jesus is confirming that He Himself put Apostle Taylor as His General to lead the Body of Christ and move of God that will bring His message of salvation to America! Here is an excerpt of the glorious visitation…

Jesus Explains the Departure of the Queen of England and the Changing of the Guard

Then Jesus’ face began to get a little more serious and His brow furrowed. He stood up and put His hand out saying, “Come, I have things to show you.” I stood up and immediately I felt my body being sucked out of my room, we were instantly in the tunnel of light, soaring by us! I could still feel His hand in my hand. I looked over and saw Him walking steadily and at a normal pace, but the tunnel of light was going faster than my eyes could even keep up! Then, we were instantly in the sky above what looked like a huge castle. At first, I wasn’t sure where we were but then I looked closer, and I saw the British flag. I looked at Jesus as He was staring down at the castle and I said very shocked, “Buckingham Palace?” He looked over at me and laughingly said, “Yes!” Then He tilted His head to the side and said, “She misses her late husband, I have been coming to her at times, to comfort her heart.” I knew He was referring to the Queen of England. Then He said, “She does not have much longer to live. Though she has no real power, her passing will be a sign to my friend (David E. Taylor) of the changing of the guard. Things will rapidly begin to change.”

The Lord has changed the leadership in the Body of Christ.

As Jesus said in the dream back on February 16, 2022, the Queen didn’t have long to live, and her death would be a sign to Apostle David E. Taylor that there’s going to be a shift and a changing of the guard. It has come to pass. The precious Queen of England passed on September 8, 2022. The death of the Queen signifies 3 major things:

1). A Shift

2). A changing of the Guard

3). That things would rapidly accelerate and change in the face-to-face movement

Saints, get ready! The shift has happened! The changing of the guard has commenced! New generals are emerging because God raises new generals in every move. A new leadership is rising on the scene, and everything is about to accelerate in our favor and change.

 The Changing of the Guard is Here!

The Lord has changed the leadership in the Body of Christ. Apostle Taylor has been sent face to face by Jesus to lead the Body of Christ and America back to their first love and devotion to Christ. Apostle was also taught the message and ministry of the Gospel of the Kingdom by Jesus and was commissioned to restore this message in the 21st century! The Queen passing and now a King taking her place is a sign of the Kingdom message being restored!

The Lord desperately wants America to listen to the words He has given Apostle to share with this nation to preserve her! For 30 years, Apostle Taylor has prophesied about a Third World War and war coming to America’s soil if the nation does not repent. Apostle Taylor has been shut away with the Lord preparing to gather at arenas across America, to meet the requirements given in 2 Chronicles 7:14, to bring America back to God, and to avert nuclear disaster! Click below to hear the complete testimony Jesus Christ gave to Apostle concerning America’s future and the solution to stop war from coming to our nation! It is time to join the mission and the fight to save our country! Call 1-877-The-Glory (877-843-4567)

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