CD – My Trip to Heaven & Hell: Taking Back Stolen Treasures Vol 2

It is no secret that the devil is a thief and that his plan is to take captive the treasures that God has planned and purposed for you. Through doubt and unbelief, Satan blocks your faith to believe that Jesus has prepared an eternity of security for you both here and in Heaven.  In this Hell defying series, David E. Taylor reveals the keys to taking back all that the devil has stolen from you personally and for your generation. Listen now and learn:

  • If we don’t give people the hope that there is a Heaven or the truth that there is a Hell, they will not have a reverential fear of God and will continue in their own ways.

  • Without the fear of God, there will be no repentance or brokenness.

  • Jesus died on the cross to save us from torment and to prepare an eternal place of security.

  • Anything you have prayed for and have given up on, the devil has a place and possesses it.

  • When we STOP believing God for what we pray for, the devil captures it in a room in Hell called DEAD FAITH.

  • Hell has treasures that belong to us and we must enter in, invade, and take them back!

  • As a man of war, Jesus went down to hell to bring up treasures and souls. As He is, so are we in this world. Let Bold Faith Arise! It’s time to bring up the treasures that the devil has intercepted!

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