CD – The Blood Moons

The Heavens are declaring the glory and voice of God! The four blood moons have just manifested in our generation. As a result, many are prophesying doom and fear to God’s people, however, God has a plan and a purpose! In this revelatory teaching by David E. Taylor, you will hear how God is using the celestial bodies He created (the sun, moon, stars, etc.) as signs, indicators of seasons, and prophetic voices that release the light of His purpose (Genesis 1:14). In the time of the birth of Christ, the stars were used. (Matthew 2:2).
Every time the heavens give a sign, it is God showing that something is being released from Heaven to the earth! The Blood Moons are not just a sign of coming darkness. No, fear not! The Blood Moons are a sign of the light and hope that God is releasing to this generation and of the great harvest of souls that is to happen before the coming of Christ (Acts 2:19-21)! Listen now and rejoice as you hear God’s true purpose for the Blood Moons in this generation! Salvation, Hope, and Absolute Victory!

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