CD – Systems, Cycles and Seasons

Did you know that God works by systems, cycles, and seasons? For each new season we enter, God speaks a Word that will pioneer that season, therefore it is vital that we not only hear God’s voice, but that we listen and follow His instructions.

In this remarkable message, David E Taylor shares the mystery and revelation of God’s system’s are the governmental organization of things, and cycles are what travel around and enforce the system that creates the seasons that produce the best harvest. There are areas in God’s vineyard, commonly referred to as: “churches”, “houses”, and “ministries”. It is very important for us to hear God’s Voice so that we still stay planted in the place that He has designed us to grow and flourish the best! Just like natural crops produce greater harvests in certain regions, we too will only produce our divine harvests when we stay planted and endure the seasons that God has birthed us for.

Listen now and be encouraged as you gain understanding and revelation that will cause you to enter the realm of triumphant victory – not only for yourself, but for those you have been called to minister to and with!

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