CD & DVD – The Supernatural Office of The Dreamer of Dreams

During this end-time, the Father is on Earth restoring the offices of the Kingdom and there is an ancient Kingdom office that has been lost in our generation! This is the office of the dreamer (Acts 2:17). In this dynamic series, David E. Taylor explains the office of the dreamer of dreams and the honor that is to be restored to this office. In these teachings, you will learn that:


  • Many people have operated in the office of the dreamer at times, but didn’t understand their identity because they didn’t recognize that it was an office
  • Signs and wonders accompany a dreamer (Deuteronomy 13:1)
  • There are different classes and ranks of dream
  • One dream can preserve the destiny of a whole nation
  • Honor unlocks blessing


In order to come into the fullness of the office of a dreamer and the supernatural abilities and power that come with it, you must understand the honor that is due to this office. Dreamers carry protection, salvation, and redemption and when you can identify the honor for the office of a dreamer, you can expect to benefit from their lives!


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