CD – Spiritual Maturity

We are in the greatest moments of all time as we prepare to work directly with the Father! We have been called to be like God, act like God, and manifest like God! If we are going to become what we have been called to, then we must endure the process of becoming sons of God. It is only through entering the office of Sonship that we become equipped to work with the Father.  He will work with us, without us being sons, but we are unable to work with Him until we pass the spiritual growth test of Sonship! In this powerful and strategic message, David E. Taylor shares the awesomeness of knowing Jesus intimately, how our relationship with Him prepares us for a relationship with The Father, and how Jesus is our blueprint to becoming a Son! When we enter the dimension of Sonship we start working with God; we start working with His covenants! Sonship is maturity in God! Will you endure the process of spiritual growth according to Jehovah and work with Him in this greatest end-time? You were called to this!!

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