The School of Spiritual Ministry Lineage & Inheritance Box Set

Turning The Hearts of the Fathers to the Sons – Recovering the Legacy of Our Ancient Fathers

” And he shall turn the heart of the fathers of the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers”… Malachi 4:6

In the School of the Spiritual Ministry Lineage and Inheritance by David E. Taylor, You will:

  •  Find your true destiny in the Kingdom of God
  • Learn the Ancient Key that will bring you into true Biblical ministry
  •  Find out your true spiritual lineage that will bring you into your inheritance
  •  Learn the major revelation given to David E. Taylor in Heaven when he spoke with Smith Wigglesworth
  •  Discover Satan’s main assignments against you based on your main assignments and lineage in the Kingdom of God
  •  Accelerate into fullness of your calling
  •  And so much more.

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