CD – The Purpose of Face to Face Visitations

Do you really understand the power and the purpose that each visitation from Jesus has on your life and in your ministry? Many people selfishly want Jesus to appear to them so they can feel good and experience a love like no other. The truth is, in addition to knowing Him intimately and receiving His love, each time Jesus appears to you is for a specific PURPOSE! (Acts 26:16) As you listen to this prolific and dynamic series by David E. Taylor, you will learn that:
  • Jesus Comes to Prepare You for Destiny & to Impart Power for Your Ministry
  • Face to Face Goes Beyond Anointed & Gifted Ministries, it’s Moving into the Glory Ministry
  • Relationship Trumps Religion
  • Face to Face is Jesus Crucifying Your Past, Resurrecting Your Present, & Giving You a Future
  • The Face to Face Movement & Purpose Will Not Be Stopped
  • If the Church Will Not Embrace it, the World Will

Allow this message to solidify the purpose of Jesus’ appearances and visitations in your life and share His love and purpose to transform your generation!

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