CD – Power Over Death: The Power Given Through The Blood of Jesus

Do you know that it has been God’s design and desire to give you total victory in all areas, even over death for all of eternity? What manner of Love is this? It’s Eternal! In this powerful message by David E.Taylor you will learn what Passover means and the Divine Victory it holds, for all who receive Jesus!
Listen now and learn:
 You can’t find immortality without finding Jesus.
Learning the importance of Passover and celebrating it preserves you from destruction.
The Resurrection of Jesus disables the power of death over every area of your life.
 It’s important to the power of what Jesus did! He didn’t just save you from death, He gave you power of death!
We have the keys to confront death, not run from it. Not just for ourselves, but for others!
The dead can be raised because JESUS got up from death!
This is truly abundant life! Life that overcomes the power of death and the grave. Receive the eternal pass that was made available to you through the Passover of Christ!

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