CD – The Overshadowing Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit! In this prolific and sustaining message, David E. Taylor brings to the forefront the amazing power that the presence of the Holy Spirit adds to your life and to your destiny. Listen now and gain dynamic understanding that will enhance every area of your life!
  • The gentleness of the Holy Spirit is so sweet and quiet – sometimes you can miss His presence.
  • The Holy Spirit’s power overshadows you.
  • Although the Holy Spirit is gentle, He is Powerful.
  • When the Holy Spirit is on you, The Power of the Most High is resting on you.
  • When the Spirit comes over you it stays until everything that God has spoken about your life, manifests.
  • God does not do anything, except by His Spirit.
Many times, it is in the quiet and unfelt presence of the Spirit of God that His highest power is resting on you most! Be encouraged and know that God sends His Spirit to be involved in the fulfillment of your divine destiny!

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