MP3 – The Office of The Dreamer

DO YOU DREAM IN YOUR SLEEP ABOUT THE FUTURE OF NATIONAL EVENTS, LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS, OR SERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES THAT CAN SAVE LIVES?  If so, you may be someone who is more than one who just Dreams accurately about personal issues surrounding your life or others, you may be a “Dream Officer”!! Just like there’s an Office of Administration for everything else such as the Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Etc., there is also an Office that the Lord speaks about in His Word that’s been lost in this Generation. MANY OF YOU MAY HAVE OPERATED IN THIS AT TIMES, BUT DIDN’T KNOW WHO YOU WERE OR UNDERSTAND THE FULLNESS OF IT. YOU DID NOT RECOGNIZE THAT IT WAS AN “OFFICE”..!! The Lord is bringing this Ancient Office back to the World in our generation. As He used the Dreamer in Biblical times to preserve lives and the destiny of whole Nations as in Joseph’s time. He is on the scene Restoring this Gift of Government to the Body again. It’s called “The Office of The Dreamer”.  Deuteronomy 13:1 says, “If there arise among you a Prophet or a Dreamer of Dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder….” Notice when the Lord mentions the Office of the Prophet He also mentions the Office of the Dreamer of Dreams in the same breath..!! You need this DYNAMIC & BREAKTHROUGH TEACHING BY DAVID E. TAYLOR in your Library TODAY!! You just might be an “Officer” in this area and don’t know it. Learn the abilities of this office, the signs and wonders that accompany it, and the ageless powers given from God to those who are called to The Office of The Dreamer.

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