MP3 – The Wrestle: Overcoming Strongholds and Principalities

You were designed and commissioned by God, to dismantle and destroy demonic powers and principalities, that have imprisoned atmospheres and regions for generations. In this superior message by David E. Taylor, you will learn:
  • Jesus did not play with demons He confronted them.
  • When you bring down demonic principalities, the natural realm will change too.
  •  To fight effectively against demonic forces, you have to have the right heart.
Dismantling and disrobing principalities comes through the right character; built on Love.
  • Pride is a mind stronghold that the enemy uses to blindsides you, and you can’t see right.
  • Satan will cause you to use God’s Word against God’s Knowledge.
  • To pull strongholds down successfully you must FIRST bind the strongman!
  • The strongman is not the obvious demon it is the most subtle.
This message will remove the blinders from your heart and mind, provoking and empowering you to change atmospheres and regions for God’s glory through love!

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