MP3 – Protons Vol 2: The Ancient Power of God Manifested Through His Sons

The Glory of God operates in three dimensions: God who was, God who is, and God who is to come. In order to see the impossible things become possible, we must learn the difference between the ranks of the Godhead and the power that is associated with each one.  When we move into the greater dimensions of God, we will see the power of PROTONS and demonstrate the Kingdom of God like the saints of old did! In this unveiling and revealing series, David E. Taylor shares the ancient mysteries of God  that have been lost for generations that will challenge you to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Listen now and learn the power that resides inside of you, the DNA and power of God Himself is inside of you! Seek His Kingdom and enter the place of no limits and no boundaries! With God, nothing shall be impossible!!

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