CD – The Kingdom of God Vol 5: Kingship Your Royal Mandate

If you know that you had the ability and power within you to change circumstances and situations for God’s people, would you do it? Would you do it properly? God made you a King, and has established it forever! Your Kingship is not of this world, but you’ve been called to have dominion over it.

In this message, David E. Taylor masterfully shares the revelation of the Word of God and enlightens you to the reality of who you are called to be in God’s Kingdom! We know tat we are to seek the Kingdom FIRST, and in doing that, we begin to understand the dominion, power, and authority that you may face and see yourself less than who God has already said you are.

You are a King and a priest, and when you walk in divine confidence and boldness that comes from the Holy Spirit, the anointing is released and God will begin working with you supernaturally. Grasping this powerful teaching will cause you to be bold and confident in the spirit, not your flesh, and you will see unspeakable things and lives changed forevermore!

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