CD – The Kingdom of God Vol 8: You’re a Supernatural King

When you were in your mother’s womb you received one of the five-fold ministry gifts, but when you are born again in God’s womb, you are ordained a king! In this empowering series, David E. Taylor teaches the victorious difference that waging war as king makes compared to fighting with the weaker church gifts of priests! In this message, you will learn:

·         Church Gifts can’t compare with God’s Government.

·         Demonic spirits are kings and princes.

·         You can’t use a church anointing to fight a kingdom principality.

·         It takes a greater kingdom to be victorious over another kingdom.

·         You don’t have to die to receive the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is here now, on Earth as it is in Heaven! (Matt 6:10)

·         The five-fold gifts bless the church, they don’t change regions!

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