CD – The Kingdom of God Vol 2: Has Come Unto You

The Lord told His disciples that everywhere they went, they were to proclaim that the Kingdom of Heaven has come. This is a kingly decree spoken by those that know they are kings in the greatest Kingdom ever! We have to understand the Kingdom language, the royal side of God’s ways and His Word. If we do not get this revelation, we will unknowingly remain submitted to the demonic princes that rule and reign over our cities, regions, and nations. In this powerful and prolific series, David E. Taylor reveals the Good News of the Kingdom is that everything from Heaven has come to Earth NOW!

The Kingdom of God is a positive force that is bearing down, and bringing divine reversal to every circumstance in our lives, cities, nations, and the world. Through repentance; changing our carnal mindset and adapting to and recognizing a Kingdom mindset we will surely walk in the power and dominion of our Kingdom identity and see the manifestation of God’s divine reversal with dominion, power, and glory from His Kingdom! This message will move you into a greater dimension and understanding of God and His matchless kingdom!


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