CD – The Kingdom of God Vol 6: His Cross Your Kingship

Do you know that in order to change a generation, the power you operate in and draw from, must be more powerful than what is already operating? Satan has set principalities up in various regions that are controlling and ruling mankind. Satan has a kingdom, and if we expect to be victorious over these principalities, we have to learn to be kings that God has called us to be! We must know the power of God’s kingdom and execute the dominion and power that belongs to us!

In this power-packed series, David E. Taylor shares the global impact of knowing our kingdom identity, and how restoring the message of the Kingdom of God, that Jesus taught will catapult us into unspeakable signs and wonders! He also dissipates the lies that the church has taught that deceive us into thinking that God only come to us when we are all right and have no sin… Jesus comes to SAVE us from the chains that have had us bound, so that we too can rescue, save, and restore a lost generation!

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