CD – The Heart Vol 2: The Payment that God Requires

Did you know there is a heavenly currency in order for you to obtain certain things from GodThe Father has a business and His currency is the heart! In the book of Revelation, Jesus told us to ‘buy from Him’ (Revelation 3:18). In this dynamic teaching by David E. Taylor, you will learn how to obtain and develop the right heart in order to make heavenly transactions and have the type of heart God is looking for in your life. Each type of heart (i.e. meekness, humility, patience) buys certain things from God. After listening and applying this message to your life, you will see answered prayers and divine breakthroughs you have been waiting on for years . You will gain true understanding into the greatest currency of the heart that God wants you to develop! Listen now and gain this buying power to receive heavenly things into your life on earth through buying from God with the currency of the heart!

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