CD – The Greatest Move of God Ever

The Word of God is the foundation of everything we preach, it is the authority by which we learn to identify who we have been created to be. God did not create you to sit on a pew and do nothing but hear about Him and His ways. You are a king! Until this becomes embedded in your mind and in your heart, and you truly believe that you are an extension of God, you will not be able to represent Him effectively. In this imperial series, David E. Taylor shares the treasures contained in the Word of God revealing the importance of developing your kingship and how it is paramount in this greatest moveGod is raising up a new group of people that will hear and express His heart for this generation for all of eternity! It is imperative to know your season, your time, and your part in this move, and to know when God is calling you to the forefront, and when He is allowing you to make room for the new wine skin that is coming through this generation. God has called you to something greater than yourself. God has called you beyond church gifts! He’s called you to Kingship, which leads to Sonship with Him!

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