CD – The Glory Manifestations Vol 2: Blood Warriors

Who are blood warriors and how do they fight with the blood? Jesus was a blood warrior and He overcame Satan’s power with the blood! In this dynamic teaching, David E. Taylor uncovers the mystery of how the blood works in warfare!
•Blood Warriors are those who use blood to fight with blood. Jesus was a blood warrior!
•The blood is used for warfare! There is life and power in blood.
•God used blood to make covenants in the Old Testament.
•Jesus doesn’t just want us to understand His blood, but blood in general.
•Blood is connected to God and the spiritual realm. It is in the Third Heaven and it’s speaking and fighting for you
The moment blood is shed, it begins talking to God.
•The blood is always innocent, no matter whose it is. It is for atonement and protection!
•Blood has creative power, it can form new flesh and body parts, even with sin!
Jesus’ blood is used for intercession – it has prayer in it. It is praying over you when you apply it!
•Though His human body died, the blood of Jesus never died! It’s still fresh today
The blood is victorious, it mends whatever is broken.
•If you want to communicate with God, blood is required. Real fellowship cannot occur without the blood.
•Abel’s blood was immediately received by the earth! If Abel’s blood can give him a break, what is Jesus’ blood doing better?
•Jesus’ blood argues in the midst of a curse.
If the blood of Jesus is speaking better things than Abel’s blood, what is it saying? Jesus’ blood is always speaking against all judgments and curses that are on your life from the earth or what you’ve done! Find out what the blood is saying and how to use it in warfare!

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