CD – Glory Manifestations of the Son of God

God’s Glory is exceedingly powerful, and knows no boundaries or limitations! This message is dynamic and brings us back to the realization of our true Kingdom Identity, not only as kings and priests, but our pursuit to become manifested sons of God, carrying and releasing His Glory! In this series, David E. Taylor challenges the defeated mindset of those that are content to continue on with traditions and religious doctrines; lacking dominion, power, and authority with the ancient revelation and mystery of the power of God’s Glory. Jesus Christ did not only die for our salvation, but for us to be kings and priests, moving in unspeakable power and to do greater works than He did.  The patriarchs of the Old Testament split water, opened the earth, caused fire to fall from Heaven, and commanded the sun to stand still; all to advance and promote the Kingdom of God… before the Blood of Jesus was ever shed!!  We should be doing greater! We should be commanding atmospheres to change and to line up with the Kingdom of God! We should be breaking the demonic strongholds that have nations, regions, and individuals bound and chained! We were called to have dominion and to be world changers! Allow this message to awaken your heart and your vision, to align with Jehovah’s, and together let’s see God’s Glory Cover the Earth and bring transformation like the world has never known!

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