CD – The Covenant of The Sure Mercies of David

There is a place in God that His promises will be sure in your life, even if you make mistakes or experience failures. In this eternally empowering message, David E. Taylor reveals that through kingdom intimacy we establish our kingship and receive eternal heirship. Listen now and learn:
  • You must hunger for the fullness of God if you want to experience it and be filled.
  • Everything in the Bible can be experienced a thousand times greater today.
  • The key to getting more of God is FIRST seeking His Kingdom.
  • As long as you stay in the kingdom, God will always bring you back to perfection. He will redeem you.
  • If you continue to seek the kingdom, you will have an eternal place with God!
  • The difference between Saul and David is Saul was fired and David was NEVER moved!
  • Your unfaithfulness can be restored, disloyalty cannot be.
  • Unfaithful is not doing what you should. Disloyalty is to walk away completely.
  • David had an everlasting covenant of mercy with God, Saul did not.
  • David had a relationship covenant with God, Saul did not.
  • Saul wanted the throne, David wanted God!
  • If you choose intimacy in the kingdom, God will establish you forever!
  • You get the sure mercies covenant is by showing mercy.
Seek God First, let kingdom intimacy establish your kingship, and experience the protection of this amazing covenant in your life forever!

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