CD – Breaking Racism in America Vol 1

God is revealing His heart and commanding the attention of the people of America!  He is getting to the root of a fruit that has been overlooked and many times condoned and “justified”. God is coming after political injustices camouflaged and covered up in the names of “Order”, “Authority”, and “Government” that have fueled and allowed the mistreatment, belittlement, killing and destroying of people, families, and generations for centuries because of a fear and intolerance of differences! In this heart shaking message, David E. Taylor explains how America’s response to the death of Michael Brown as well as other young black males is God confronting and exposing covert racial discrimination in this country.

Mankind is interconnected and interdependent regardless of race or cultural representation. It’s always been God’s heart to have ALL nations operating as ONE, and He invites us to a House of Prayer for ALL Nations!  Cultural stereotyping and prejudices are rooted in hatred and lack compassion, which prevent a willingness to understand a culture or race opposite to one’s own. We have depended on the nation and society to correct racism, which is a matter of the heart not a matter of the law! It is time for the people of God to obtain His heart, and first address and confront racism within their own hearts and the local church, and vocalize without compromise the culture of the Kingdom of God and truly become united! It must start in the hearts of the believers if we expect to see change! Allow this message to provoke your heart to become like God’s and learn The Kingdom of God Culture!

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