Interpreting Animals You See in Your Dreams – Book

In a dream, God will use many symbols to communicate a message to you, including animals. Animals are one of the most common dream symbols that God uses in His dream language to speak with man. One of the most well-known examples in the Scriptures is when the Lord showed Pharaoh seven fat cows and seven lean cows to communicate the upcoming seven years of prosperity and seven years of famine that was to come (Genesis 41). In this example, a cow was used to communicate the type of prosperity, or lack thereof, that was about to hit the Earth. God created animals for His glory and for His purpose. It is important to realize that what an animal stands for in the natural in one culture, may not be what that particular animal means in the spirit or in God’s dream language. You must get the biblical spirit-led interpretation and discernment from God for each dream.

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