CD – Activating the Blood of Jesus: Understanding the Errors of Your Heart

How do you walk in the light? What is the relationship of the blood and light? In this transformational message by David E. Taylor you will learn powerful truth about activating the blood of Jesus and how to walk in the light so that you may inherit the promise!
•The Holy Spirit answers the blood, while God acknowledges the blood.
•The blood is a warfare tool given to you to win battles
 Satan can use blood to put curses on you, God uses the blood to cleanse your heart and mind to serve Him.
•Walking in the light activates the blood. Repentance is the quickest way for God to fellowship with you.
•Truth cleanses you, while lying makes you unclean before God. Uncleanliness is death to God.
•If the Bible says your soul can prosper, then it can also become bankrupt through the debt of sin.
•Soul prosperity deals with the riches of God in your life; sin is a liability and a debt.
•If you want to come into the promised land, the first thing  you must get rid of is the hidden errors in your heart. If you don’t get to the error, God will disinherit you  from the promise.
•Thankfulness keeps you in the will of God, while unthankfulness will take you out.
The blood of Jesus is life! You must learn to activate the blood in your life! He said, “When I see the blood, death has to pass over you!” You must ask the Lord to show you the root of your behavior to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Desire the root, not just the fruit!

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